‼️ UPDATE on babies born with tail, one eye and animal hair

I was misinformed concerning the Turkish broadcast about babies being born with multiple arms, tails, and animal hairs.
A Turk reached out to me and said the photos revealed by the Welfare Party and the team of doctors were shown as a warning example of what they expect to happen.
They are not pictures of recently born babies from vaccinated parents, but they are examples of what has happened in the past, and what they believe will happen as the result of this current gene therapy, that is messing severely with the DNA of humanity.
How come I missed this critical nuance?
Because I do not speak Turkish and I relied on two sources to translate this video: first of all Google Translate, which did a horrible job. So I reached out to a friend in the Netherlands who is born from Turkish parents and speaks Turkish. He manually translated it for me.
When I read his manual translation, it doesn’t say that these doctors show the photos as an example, but it says this is what has happened as a result from the vaccinations. Apparently the knowledge of the Turkish language of my friend wasn’t sufficient, to pick up the important nuance
Another Turk who actually lives in Turkey and whose understanding of the language is therefor deeper and more up to date, reached out to clarify to me the important nuance. Thank you!
So hereby I apologize for this mistake. The Turkish party and doctors show the photos as a warning to the world, of what they believe will happen, because the vaccines are gene therapy and cause mutations in the genes of humanity.
Passion for Truth
With this correction I also want to show my heart and passion to be 100% accurate. That’s why I wanted to have a good Turkish translation to know exactly what was said in the video. Unfortunately, my Turkish friend missed an important detail, which gave me a wrong message. Living in the Netherlands for most of his life, apparently dulled down his knowledge of the Turkish language, which caused him to misinterpret the video.
Thank you all who think for yourself and do your own research. Please keep doing that! Never blindly believe anything I say, just like that. Always check sources and think for yourself.
With all the reports on my website I provide many references and original sources with every piece of information, so you can check everything yourself. We have to strive for excellence in our reporting.
This however doesn’t change anything about the fact that millions are dying from the injections, countless women are losing their babies after the shot, and hundreds of millions are suffering greatly, often with permanent disability as a result.
This is probably the first time I can remember that I made a mistake, and I am not too proud to deny it. I gladly admit when I find out I was misinformed, because that’s the only way to learn, grow and become better in my research and reporting.
Sadly this is not something we will ever see in the mainstream news media, or the government propaganda. They spread false information all day long, non stop, for years on end, and no matter how many people confront them with their blatant false news reporting, they never admit anything but just continue deceiving the world population with their nefarious agenda.
Meanwhile, they pay so called ‘fact checkers’ to prey on well meaning, good hearted, truth loving researchers, to deny everything they are revealing.
My passion is to reveal truth and nothing else. The Vaccine Death Report has 120 references, so anyone can check every bit of information that is presented. Whenever I would find out that something is not accurate, I will remove it. But as far as I know, no untrue statements are in the report at all.
This Turkish video is the only thing where an important detail was off, which was quickly intercepted. Thank you for alerting me to this. It helps me stay 100% accurate.
I hope you appreciate my sincerity in doing the hard work of true research to help you and millions worldwide see truth.
Much love,
David Sorensen StopWorldControl.com

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