💉 Download the Vaccine Death Report now!

Together with Dr. Vladimir Zelenko I have been working very hard the past months to create a report that shows how millions of people have died from the injections.
The Vaccine Death Report is unique in the world, as it shows virtually everything we should know about these injections: how many have died, how many are permanently disabled, what techniques the government uses to hide this, what the agenda is behind this worldwide vaccination push, and so much more.
A first draft version of the report was sent to Dr. Zelenko for review, and he liked it so much that he shared it right away – and it went viral. With all the typos in it!
The World Doctors Alliance shared it, among many other organizations.
If you saw that first rough unedited version already, please disregard it and download the final version. It has a lot of extra information, like testimonies from several whistleblowers who confirm that the government is hiding vaccine injuries by all possible means, and the expert testimony of funeral directors who see fiirsthand how innumberable people are dying from the shots.
The Vaccine Death Report has an amazing amount of information and is the most powerful piece of evidence anywhere in the world, that shows how there is a real genocide happening.
The millions of deaths are just the short term wave of destruction. The coming years this number will explode, as most adverse events only show up after a few years.
The Vaccine Death Report is currently being translated in many languages which will be posted online soon.
Download it now, and send it to people in your community who have any kind of responsibility: law enforcement, political authorities, nurses and doctors, school directors and teachers, church pastors, etc.
The report is 100% fact based and has hundreds of references. Every bit of information can be checked.
Don’t let this pass you by. The world needs to know! Download the Vaccine Death Report now and share it far and wide.

THE VACCINE DEATH REPORT – Millions Have Died From The Injections

If we don’t stand up now, we will never be able to stand at all anymore. We have to act now.
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